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CocoBulb • Multicolor

Handcrafted coconut light

Unique designs carved and engraved

Portable and rechargeable 

USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery

High powered LED

project geometric patterns indoor and outdoor


Custom multicolor light unit

6 high powered LEDs integrated in one unit

Color fading program

Set your color

warm white, golden yellow, red, pink, blue & green

Featured Item

Portable and rechargeable night light

Picture a setting where you would like to create an atmospheric effect. A CocoBulb can instantly enchant an area with the press of a button.

... create a starry night sky in your bedroom or a beautiful lit mandala for your yoga practice in the background


... bring it outdoors as a garden lantern creating an enchanting vibe or add some magic to your camping trips

.. CocoBulb is the ultimate party light to bring to a festival, blasting photonic particles with a psychedelic effect

CocoBulb • Magic Light 

Handcrafted in Costa Rica

CocoBulb is a unique coconut light, the only portable and rechargeable coconut light in the world.

Each coconut is individually selected, patterns are designed by hand, drilled and engraved with passion and care.

The coconuts are sourced in Costa Rica, this is where I currently live. Then the coconuts are shipped to The Netherlands where they are assembled and distributed.

What people say about CocoBulb


My tribal art lantern is absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t be happier with it! Such quality and unique design and I love the lighting the led light gives off throughout the room! Offers just the amount of tranquillity and atmosphere that I was looking for! I will be looking for some of your other treasures to purchase! Thank you for being such an awesome seller and business!




Cannot praise enough!! AMAZING wee lamp, completely fell in love with it, and Michael is so lovely and understanding as well. Can't recommend enough, thank you so so much! ♥️




So happy with the light I purchased. It's beautifully made, wonderful craftsmanship, and throws a pattern round the entire room and is very atmospheric. Michael is also a fantastic seller, I highly recommend and couldn't be more pleased, thank you!

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