Meet the artist

Michael Rotteveel

Living on a beach in the Philippines for the past few years sparked my fascination for coconuts. 

Off the grid, without electricity, the idea of putting rechargeable lights inside a coconut shell sounded pretty cool and that's how the first CocoBulb was created in 2018.

The effects were amazing, beams of light projecting out of an organic object... it was absolute magic!

What started as a fun project has turned into a serious passion of mine.

Now, I can't stop making them. I'm nuts for coconuts!


CocoBulb Design

CocoBulb Design was founded as an official business in 2020 after a growing amount of interest of people who wanted to own a CocoBulb.

The designs are mostly symmetrical using inspiration from organic shapes and sacred geometry found in nature.

Hundreds, sometimes thousands of holes are drilled using a rotary drill, each carefully placed. The pattern is then engraved creating a sense of depth and character.

The latest LED chip technology is used making a bright and clear projection. The effects range from a warm candle light glow to a colorful psychedelic light show.